Classification is a unique and integral part of disability sport. It provides a structure for competition, ensuring fair and equitable competition at all levels of sport. Paralympic athletes have an impairment in body structures and functions that leads to a competitive disadvantage in sport. Consequently, criteria are put in place to ensure that winning is determined by skill, fitness, power, endurance, tactical ability and mental focus.

In November 2015, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) General Assembly passed the second version of the IPC Classification Code and International Standards (“the Code”), a universal code for classification that implements policies and procedures across all sports within the Paralympic movement. The intent of the Code is to bring consistency to certain aspects of the classification process, specifically as it relates to:

  • Ensuring accountability and principles of fair play
  • The protection of the rights of all Athletes and Classifiers
  • The eligible impairments
  • The evaluation of athletes
  • Protests and appels

The above introduction is part of Paralympics Ireland’s National Classification Policy& Standards document. Download the PDF by clicking the button below.