Volunteer Training Day 2 Details

Volunteer Training Dates



We are delighted to confirm the details of the second volunteer training day that will take place on July 28th at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.

All volunteers have been emailed with details of the training day. Volunteer training has been allocated based on the information that was supplied through the volunteer portal. To find your training day simply click on the appropriate link below and find your name which is filtered alphabetically by First Name. There are 4 options; 1.Training will be July 28th 2. Did not attend Training on July 14th 3. Just in Time Training 4. No Response received to date.


July 28th

Just in Time Training

No Response Received

Missed Training on the 14th

If you are on the 'No Response' file please email us at volunteering@paralympics.ie with your training preference as soon as possible.

Training on July 28th will take place at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena which is located at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus. You can find the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena easily signposted at the second exit off the roundabout and at the end of the straight with ample parking. 

Registration will open at 1:30pm. Training will begin at 2pm and will be complete by no later than 6pm. Please bring a valid ID (drivers license or passport). If you have not submitted a photograph for accreditation please do so in advance by attaching it to your Better Impact profile: https://app.betterimpact.com/Login/Volunteer


To attach an image just log in using the username and password that you supplied previously. Click on the ‘edit’ button which is located immediately under your name in the Welcome Message. At the next page click on the ‘Update Photo’ link located immediately beside your name and contact details on the blue box on the right hand side of the screen as you look at it. Once you have clicked on ‘Update Photo’ select a suitable image from your computer and click on your chosen image. Once selected click ‘Upload Selected Photo.’ Photos must adhere to these conditions: Passport Style Photo against a clear light, plain background, showing just head and shoulders, looking straight at the cameras. Images taken on Phone are acceptable.


Light refreshments will be provided on arrival.

Derek Kinnevey