With support from Sport Ireland and the Sport Ireland Institute, Paralympics Ireland develops annual performance plans with our member organisations. These cover all aspects of preparation for the Irish Paralympic team. 


We secure investment from state agencies and commercial partners to ensure that Irish Paralympic athletes train and compete at the highest level. Such support is invaluable and has played a key part in the success achieved by Irish athletes at previous Paralympic Games. 


We recruit and support top-class coaches to guide Irish athletes to competitive success. From our full-time Swimming and Athletics Managers, Hayley Burke and James Nolan, through to all of our valued part-time coaches, we aim to provide the best possible coaching programme to aspiring athletes.

International competition

In addition to managing Irish team participation in European/World Championships in IPC governed sports, we prepare and send Irish athletes to Paralympic qualifying competitions around the world. In 2019 alone, Irish Paralympic athletes competed in Qatar, Denmark, France, Italy, Australia and United Kingdom.

Training camps

We coordinate a series of multisport training camps in the lead up to each Paralympic Games, with the aim of pulling individual athletes and support staff into a cohesive unit.

Sports science/medicine

A multi-disciplinary sports science and medical team provide key performance-enhancing support to Irish Paralympic athletes. This includes medicine, performance analysis, physiotherapy, massage, psychology, nutrition, physiology, strength and conditioning.

In the increasingly competitive environment of elite sport, this comprehensive approach gives unparalleled support to Irish Paralympic athletes.